January 2014 Updates

Written on Friday, 31st January 2014.

Today's new version of TechBritain releases a variety of tweaks and updates we have been working on this month. I've detailed some of the more interesting ones below!

Map Improvements and Filters

With the first iteration of our new site, we did away with the ability to filter the map listings by type (startups, co-working spaces etc). With this new update, you can once more apply the filters and look at the distribution of the various listing types on the map.

We've gone through and rewritten the mapping scripts to add a bit more flexibility to the system and enable some planned future updates!

Basic People Listings

People are the heart of startups and we want to start looking at the various entrepreneurs in the community as part of the various startups we are investigating.

Social Login

Some people like to sign in with existing social accounts so we've set up the ability for people to log in with twitter to see if that makes life a little easier!

Search Improvements

We've improved our search system with a variety of different tweaks, from including people in the results to redirecting you if there is only one result.

Share Listings

Another feature we decided to add was a simple sharing widget - just in case people want to tell their friends about the data!

Other Changes

There have been various other smaller changes and visual tweaks, things like improving the home page to adding in social links to the top bar. Don't be shy - go have an explore and see what new bits you find!

And as always - if you spot a bug or have a question - we're always happy to help!

Written on: Friday, 31st January 2014
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