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Written on Friday, 6th December 2013.

It's taken a while, but finally the next version of TechBritain has landed. I just wanted to write a quick post to take you through the new features!

Solidified Vision

We have sat down together and with the help of several other great people, really thought about what we want to do with TechBritain and have come up with a much more honed vision and direction for the project. We will put up a blog post in the future to discuss it in more detail, but in building this stage, we made the new additions with the question "How can we help better connect the Tech Ecosystem across the UK?" firmly in our minds.

Better data

We believe that, with improved knowledge and awareness of the opportunities and activity across the UK, startups and entrepreneurs can make better decisions and not miss out on important insights and knowledge of the community. We set about working on ways to make our dataset and analyses both more complete and more useful. Many of these features will be rolled out in the coming months, but we started with several main areas:

Improving the size of the dataset

We want to have as complete a view of the UK Tech Ecosystem as possible and have started looking at additional data sources for our listings of companies and other relevant entities. We've started with the data set from Crunchbase as well as the existing manual submissions on the website but we hope to very quickly compliment that with more data sets in the coming weeks and months.

Better clustering

We have moved away from the old city-centric clustering and towards a more intelligent clustering engine. Read a bit more about the new solution on our blog post about it.

Improved 'Add/Claim Listing' System

It is important that people can easily add and update the listings on the site and to do this we've set up a new system for adding your company, startup or other listing to the website. You can either add a new listing or claim your old one by going to the existing listing and clicking 'claim' at the top right. We've also added in a reporting system to allow you to alert us when data in incorrect our out of date on a company that isn't yours.

The Foundations of Open Data

We really want to make this data set open and accessible so we are laying the foundations now to open up our data set to the community. This may take a while to implement, but it is something that will eventually come through so keep an eye out!

Improving Community

The second avenue that we are bringing in with this new system is an improved community and news system. We already have events listings and our video page, but we have added a few other new features we hope will prove useful to the community:

Experimental News Feed

One thing that is completely new to the site is the news feed. It is very young and still experimental to see if it would be useful for people. We wanted to provide a platform that people could get a quick review of important community/cluster news which also includes large, UK wide stories. The system's youth means it may change and evolve significantly over time, but we hope that it will prove to be a useful feature! 

Youtube Channel

One of the new changes launched revently is TechBritainTV, our new Youtube channel - we'll be releasing a lot more videos of interviews we have conducted across the UK communities over the next few months so be sure to head over there and subscribe!

Coming soon - Social Data, People and more!

We have several more big updates and many smaller studies that are scheduled in the coming weeks. Our social scoring system is almost through the clusters and we are really excited to share some results from that. We also are tidying up and loading in data about the people behind the clusters and are looking forward to publishing that too.

To keep up to date with these updates and simply interesting news from the UK Tech Ecosystem, be sure to follow us on twitter at @tech_britain.

More updates soon!

Written on: Friday, 6th December 2013
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